Minnesota 2022
Update Conference

Sponsoring Individuals

We would like to thank all of our sponsors! Without them, this conference would not be possible.

Individual Donors

David Loring

In Honor ofHarvey Levin

Bernice Marcopulos

David Marcus

Nathaniel Nelson

In Honor ofmy mentor, Dr. Jerry Sweet

Amelia Nelson Sheese

Christopher Nicholls

Marc Norman

In Honor ofmy incredible mentors Erin Bigler and Dean Delis and colleagues that have shaped me as a professional, Walden Miller and Bob Heaton.

Iris Paltin

Karen Postal

Daniel Proto

Laura Renteria

Brad Roper

In Honor ofManfred Meier (Houston Conference Observer and my first CN practicum supervisor), and HC Steering Committee members Bruce Crosson (internship supervisor) and Linas Bieliauskas (postdoc mentor).

Lynn Schaefer

Emily Sharp

Paula Shear

Susan Shwartz

In Honor ofmy esteemed mentors and supervisors, Drs. Alison Cernich, Tony Stringer, Suzanne Penna, Anita Sim, Brad Roper, and Keith Atkins

Anita Sim

Christopher Vaughan

Eric Waldron

Lauren Warren-Faricy

In Honor ofDeborah Koltai and Kathleen Welsh-Bohmer

Douglas Whiteside

Angela Yi

In Honor ofIn honor of Muriel Lezak