Minnesota 2022
Update Conference

Sponsoring Individuals

We would like to thank all of our sponsors! Without them, this conference would not be possible.

Individual Donors

Bradley Axelrod

Laurie Baker

In Honor ofDr. Kirk Stucky

Laurie Baker

In Honor ofDr. Mark Barisa

Laurie Baker

In Honor ofDr. Gary A. James

Brandon Baughman

John Bellone

In Honor ofDr. Ryan Van Patten, the highest quality colleague and friend I could have ever asked for.

Robert Bilder

Veronica Bordes Edgar

In Honor ofmy current and future students.

Donna Broshek

In Honor ofmy mentor Dr. Jeff Barth

Elizabeth Burns

Heather Conklin

Sarah Cook

Stephen Correia

In Honor ofPaul Malloy and David Faust

Jacobus Donders

Kevin Duff

Kristina Dumas

In Honor ofmy amazing mentor, Jeannette Mahoney, and my unstoppable friend and colleague, Miguel Arce

Callie Dunn

In Honor ofthe mentors who have shaped who I am and am becoming: Ramona Hopkins, Rus Bauer, Tony Stringer, Rob Collins and so many others along the way.

Laura Flashman

In Honor ofDavid Freides, Ph.D. ABPP

Kathleen Fuchs

In Honor ofJulia Hannay - the "mother" of the Houston Conference

Dov Gold

In Honor ofmy first neuropsychology mentor, co-author, and now colleague, Dr. Irene Piryatinsky, PhD, ABPP-CN. Thank you for everything.

Amanda Gooding

In Honor ofthe many amazing supervisors and mentors who shaped my career – Marc Norman, Monica Rivera Mindt, Jimmy Choi, Marla Hamberger, Jeffrey Cole, Bill Barr, Chris Morrison, Elise Caccappolo, Valerie Rice, and Charlie Hinkin

Lana Harder

Erin Holker

Farzin Irani

In Honor ofdearest grad school mentor, Dr. Doug Chute.

Maxine Krengel

In Honor ofmy esteemed mentors Roberta F. White, Nancy Hebben, and David Tupper