Minnesota 2022
Update Conference

Planning Commission Mandate

1. Mandate/ Goals of Revision:

1.1 Using HCG I as a foundation, 

  • Incorporate a well-articulated competency-based approach to training
  • integration of multiracial/ multiethnic/ multicultural issues within every training experience and competency
  • incorporation of new technologies and advances in neuroscience, data analytics, and computer technology

1.2 Rather than re-inventing wheels, the hard work of groups of thought leaders and national organizations in the 25 years since HCG I is expected to be integrated- e.g.

  • APA/ CNS competency training model
  • HNS Houston Cultural Conference 2015
  • Position papers, review papers/calls to action, etc.

1.3 Like Houston Conference I, these training guidelines are aspirational, setting the stage, moving forward, for maintaining Neuropsychology as a relevant, evidence based, vibrant profession at the vanguard of the study of the complexity of brain/behavior relationships in the context of our multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic population. 

  • Training programs will be expected to develop over time to meet the aspirational guidelines
  • Trainees will eventually be asked to meet the aspirational guidelines

2. Timeline

2.1 2021 Work of the Commission.

2.2 2022 Conference

3. Commitment of Commissioners:

3.1 Monthly 2-hour meetings through 2021- 2022
3.2 Participation on at least one subcommittee (no more than 2)
3.3 Commissioners may be chosen as conference delegates, but are not required to be delegates

4. Commission responsibilities:

4.1 Conference delegate selection

  • Proportionality of organizational representation based on size and overlap
  • Inclusion of delegates from traditionally minoritized cultural, linguistic, and racial groups, so that they comprise at least 1/3 of eventual delegates
  • Ensure delegates are from organizations that embrace and support the original HCG
4.2 Planning the funding, scheduling, and logistics of the conference

4.3 Planning the program and process of the conference

  • Ensure conference time is allotted for presentations (by delegates or invited content area guests) to delegates on critical issues
    • Historical perspective (presentations from HC-I Delegates)
    • Diversity in neuropsychology
    • Technological and data-analytic advances
  • Devise path toward consensus/ decision making