Minnesota 2022
Update Conference

It’s been a busy year so far!

Delegate Selection

The Delegate Selection Committee has been diligently at work building a slate of delegates as described in the January 11 Update. What added to that task was the incredible response from both organizations nominating delegates and individuals who self-nominated to serve. Delegate applicants have been informed of the delay, and applicants will be notified of their status as delegates on or before May 31, 2022.  

Fundraising Update

A range of organizations have contributed support to the M2UC, and to date those contributions total over $100,000. Additionally, a number of individuals have personally donated to support the conference. See sponsoring organizations and individuals under the Sponsors tab above. Better yet, please consider donating to support the conference. You may choose to list your name or donate anonymously. You may also donate in honor of others – former supervisors and notable contributors to the profession have been popular honorees. Thanks to the growing list of individuals who have donated!

MU2C: Conference Objectives

The Planning Commission recently approved Conference Objectives that have three aspects. First is a Values Statement that clarifies the values that drive the conference and serve to inform its goals. The primary goal of the conference is to produce a Policy Statement to guide programs in implementing education and training in our specialty, and the objectives specify what the conference Policy Statement is intended to address. A final set of conference objectives are focused on the development of a Consensus Statement on Ongoing Development Activities. The Consensus Statement is meant to spark and maintain growth and support for education and training on a continual basis.

Brad Roper, Executive Committee Chair, HCG Revision Planning Commission