Minnesota 2022
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Houston Conference Guidelines Revision Planning Commission:
Summary of Activities from June 2021 – August 2022

Brad L. Roper, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Chair, HCGRPC
Version: 7-15-2023

Planning Commission Initiation and Structure

The first meeting of the Planning Commission was on June 14, 2021, and involved review of the Mandate, timeline of work, commitment of commission, and an introduction of the PC’s structure, which included three subcommittees, each with co-chairs, and an Executive Committee composed of me as Chair and subcommittee co-chairs. Primary and secondary subcommittee membership were initially assigned based on Commissioner preference, noting that some Commissioners did not express a preference and were assigned based on need. The subcommittee structure was meant to allow for flexibility and interaction across subcommittees. Here are subcommittee names, goals, co-chairs, and primary/secondary membership:

Delegate Selection Procedures Subcommittee (DSP)

Goal: To create an equitable and proportional process for inviting delegates to next year’s Conference.

Co-Chairs: Veronica Bordes Edgar and Tony Stringer

Primary Members: Alice Ann Holland, Beth Arredondo, Rebecca Avila-Rieger, Sakina Butt, Melanie Chandler, Emily Duggan, Natalie Kelly, Courtney Ray, Brenda Spiegler, and Alexander Tan.

Secondary Members: Rachael Ellison, Kristina Gicas, Amy Jak, Michelle Madore, John Meyers, Celiane Rey-Casserly, Anita Sim, and Doug Whiteside.

Note: As described in the Delegate Selection Procedures document embedded below, a subset of Commissioners from the Delegate Selection Procedures Subcommittee served on the Delegate Selection Committee, charged with reviewing all delegate nominees and building a slate of delegates to the conference for approval by Planning Commission vote. Those Commissioners included: Beth Arredondo, Veronica Bordes Edgar, Melanie Chandler, Emily Duggan, Amy Jak, Brenda Spiegler, and Tony Stringer.

Conference Program and Process Subcommittee (CPP)

Goal: Set the agenda, identify content experts, develop a process for reaching consensus, etc., for the Conference.

Co-Chairs: Amy Jak and Doug Whiteside

Primary Members: Rachael Ellison, Kristina Gicas, Laura Lacritz, Jose Lafosse, Sara Mason, John Meyers, Zach Resch, Celiane Rey-Casserly, Nick Thaler, Kris Verroulx, and Ingram Wright

Secondary Members: Beth Arredondo, Rebecca Avila-Rieger, Steve Correia, Suzanne Penna, Courtney Ray, Tony Stringer, and Alexander Tan

Funding, Scheduling, and Logistics Subcommittee (FSL)

Goal: Manage practical and logistical details necessary to make next year’s Conference happen

Co-Chairs/Executive Committee: Amanda Gooding and Michelle Madore

Primary Members: Steve Correia, Kathleen Fuchs, Nate Glassman, Suzanne Penna, Laura Renteria, and Anita Sim

Secondary Members: Emily Duggan, Veronica Bordes Edgar, and Sara Mason

Changes to Membership in the Planning Commission: Cristi Salinas served as a commissioner representing the Hispanic Neuropsychological Society (HNS) from June through September 2021, and during that time she served as Co-chair of the CPP subcommittee. After her resignation from the Commission, Jose Lafosse joined the PC as a representative from the HNS, and Amy Jak assumed the role of Co-chair of the CPP subcommittee. Dr. Jak had previously served as a primary member of the DSP subcommittee and returned to serve on the Delegate Selection Committee.