Minnesota 2022
Update Conference


In order for everyone to have access to information being provided by the Steering Committee, responses will be shared through this FAQ page.

I understand there is an MNC listserve. How does one join it?

The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) has created a listserv for discussion of the Minnesota Guidelines. It is maintained by AACN and has no formal connection to the Minnesota Conference. It was created by the AACN Board as a service to AACN’s members. Those AACN members wishing to join the AACN listserv may do so through the AACN website.

Which amendments to Draft 1 of the Minnesota Guidelines survived consideration, which were subsumed under others, and which ones were eliminated?

Draft 1 of the Minnesota Guidelines was distributed broadly to neuropsychologist professionals and trainees in the second quarter of 2023 with a request for substantive amendments. Feedback from the MNC Delegates and from various organizations made it clear that Draft 1 would require more revision than could be accomplished through a process of amendment and that it was premature to vote on amendments at the delegate meeting held in July 2023. Therefore, voting on amendments was suspended and delegates instead held intensive discussions on all proposed revisions that were received. The results of this discussion and the text of all proposed revisions were summarized for delegates and for the consulting group hired to assist the Steering Committee in revising competency statements. Currently it is not possible to know which proposed revisions will be in the next draft of the Minnesota Guidelines, but it can be stated with certainty that all proposed revisions are being considered.

What is the Cultural Neuropsychology Council (CNC) involvement with the MNC?

The CNC is not a membership organization. It is set up similar to the Clinical Neuropsychology Specialty Council (formerly Clinical Neuropsychology Synarchy) whereby each neuropsychological association has one representative that attends meetings and works to make decisions with their representative group in mind. The Planning Commission designed the structure of the Steering Committee to include the presidents of both boarding groups (ABCN and ABN), the president of the postdoctoral training group (APPCN) and president of internship training group (AITCN). For the other 3 positions, they sought the CNC given the mandate that was given to the Planning Commission. That group selected the representatives from AACN, ABCN (both of whom were already on the Planning Commission) and one of the planning chairs. The final position was given to the APPCN treasurer and made ex-officio member in order to manage funds. These are outlined in the Planning Commission minutes.

Delegate selection was also outlined on the MNC website. Members of the delegate selection subcommittee who were nominated or submitted at large applications, were recused from the selection process.