Minnesota 2022
Update Conference

Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy is designed to bring to light and mitigate any conflicts between the personal interests of the delegates and/or the organization(s) they represent and the goals of the Minnesota Conference 2022. It is not meant to stifle opinions or hamper open discussion. It is expected that nearly all delegates will have multiple roles/relationships within the field of neuropsychology (e.g., training director, organization officer, author) and it is expected that delegates will disclose these and be mindful of any biases that might arise from these relationships. In the interest of transparency, non-delegate participants (including the Expert Panel, Steering Committee, and volunteers) in the conference will also be asked to disclose potential conflicts.

A conflict of interest could take many forms. It is not expected that the resulting policy document from this conference will offer the prospect of immediate financial gain for an individual or organization, nevertheless it will be important for the potential of individual gain to be acknowledged (e.g., royalties from books that might be used in training programs or sales of tests/technologies). It is also possible that the resulting guidelines will necessitate policy or practice changes within an organization. 

All conference participants will complete a disclosure form which will be reviewed by members of the Steering Committee prior to the conference. Steering Committee members will also complete disclosure forms which will be reviewed by designated members of the Planning Commission. In the event that a significant conflict is found, the participant will be contacted and an individual plan to mitigate the conflict will be made. This could include the delegate or participant working on select portions of the update, recusing themselves from discussions or votes, or relinquishing the delegate role to an alternate.

If a conflict arises in the interval between the completion of the COI form and the conference itself, the participant will be responsible for updating the conflict form and notifying the Steering Committee that an additional review will be needed.  In the course of the conference, a conflict may become apparent that could influence the discussions or decisions. If a delegate becomes aware of a conflict, we expect that delegate to declare it and abstain from discussions or votes.  If another delegate suspects there may be a conflict, we expect that delegate to bring this up and attempt to resolve the issue with the other members of the working group.  The Steering Committee should be made aware of the situation to assist with mitigation.

COI data collected will be password protected and kept until at least a year and no more than 2 years after publication of the proceedings.

COI Disclosure Form