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The MNC Messaging Link is a platform for sending messages and questions of general professional interest to the Steering Committee. It is not as a discussion listserv nor is it to be used for conducting the business of the Minnesota Conference and the Steering Committee. Opportunities for discussion with the Steering Committee and/or delegates will continue to be available during national conferences of the major neuropsychology organizations.  The ongoing business of Minnesota Neuropsychology Conference will continue through existing channels.
The following principles will guide the Steering Committee’s use of this messaging platform:

  1. The Steering Committee will respond only to what it determines to be substantive questions that have not previously been asked. It will not respond to questions whose intent appears to be challenge the purpose, motivations, or legitimacy of the Minnesota Conference, its delegates, or the Steering Committee. Those wishing to discuss such issues are encouraged make use of other platforms available through neuropsychology organizations or to develop their own platform for internal communication.

  2. All answers to questions will come from the Steering Committee as a whole and will in most cases be posted as an update to the FAQ page or as an announcement posted to various listservs. Individual members of the Steering Committee will not respond to questions sent to them separately when they are more appropriately addressed to the whole committee. Only in rare exceptions will a response be sent directly to the person posing a question rather than posting a response as an update to the FAQ page or as a listserv announcement.

  3. The Steering Committee will read all questions and consider all messages sent to it but reserves the authority to determine whether to post a reply and in what timeframe. In situations in which a reply will be delayed, we will indicate that information pertinent to the question is forthcoming. If no reply is posted, it means that your question does meet the Steering Committee’s criteria. The Steering Committee is solely responsible for the content of its replies. No other neuropsychology organization has any authority to shape replies other than through the deliberations in which its delegates participate and no other organization bears responsibility for Steering Committee posts.

  4. Repeated submission of the same (or a slightly reworded) question or message will not influence the Steering Committee’s decision to respond and is discouraged.

  5. This platform is not intended for use as a vehicle for argument or debate and its structure and format make it ill-suited for those purposes. The platform can be used, however, to bring issues and information to the Steering Committee’s attention. All information submitted will be considered on its own merits whether endorsed by one person or dozens of people. We encourage concise, succinct and professional messages. Queries and messages originating from the following groups are welcome and will in most cases be responded to, including:   

    a. Directors or faculty of neuropsychology graduate, internship, or fellowship training programs.

    b. Officers or board members of neuropsychology or health service psychology organizations that certify training programs or individuals for professional neuropsychology practice. 

    c. Students or trainees at any level.

  6. If you are not a member of one of these groups, we encourage you to wait for the publication and dissemination of the Minnesota Guidelines or to contact an MNC delegate who represents a neuropsychology organization to which you belong.

  7. Anonymous queries or messages will not be read.
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