Minnesota 2022
Update Conference

Delegates for the Minnesota Neuropsychology Conference

I am pleased to report on the results of the delegate nomination and selection process. As indicated in a previous update, the Planning Commission sought nominations first from the 17 neuropsychology organizations, with two delegates selected from each organization’s list of nominees. Because there is currently no neuropsychology organization at the doctoral level, the Planning […]

New Podcast Released on the Minnesota Neuropsychology Conference!

Last month I had an enjoyable time speaking with John Bellone and Ryan Van Patten of the NavNeuro podcast. We discussed the history of Houston Conference Guidelines, the rationale for updating them via the Minnesota Neuropsychology Conference, and the planning process for the conference so far. As always, John and Ryan demonstrated their research and […]

Delegate Application and Selection

Several people have expressed an interest in applying to be a delegate to the Minnesota 2022 Update Conference. The process of delegate application has two phases. First, each of the seventeen neuropsychology organizations represented on the HCGRPC has been asked to submit a list of 3-5 individuals for consideration by the HCGRPC as delegates. Organization nominees have […]

Official Conference Logo

Official Conference Logo Thanks to our logo designer! I wanted to create a design that captured the element of diversity through color symbolism. Color plays an important role across cultures and time, and I wanted to highlight the rich diversity of organizations within clinical neuropsychology coming together (similar to the shapes coming together to form […]